condensed milk.

Condensed Milk is generative art piece designed and programmed in the Processing language. The piece is derived from analyzing every frame of a film and outputting an image in which every horizontal pixel is the most common color of that frame in the film.

The idea for Condensed Milk came after watching Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel (one of my most favourite films!). I was captivated by the rich pinks and soft blues of the film and was curious to visualize the palette of the film.

During my March Break I spent the whole of the week building the program that wouuld result in the images you see on this page today.

It was not as easy as I had thought due to the fact that aspect ratio and resolution had become the prevolent obstacle in analyzing a film. (especially a film like The Grand Budapest Hotel, which switches to 4 different aspect ratios throughout its duration). As a result, I constructed a program that can analyze any film (even the dreaded vertical video of an iPhone)

These images have also been displayed at the University of Waterloo Stratford campus on the Christie Digital MicroTile Wall.

If you would like to view the code that produced these images I am hosting it on Github.